DeVos Place

303 Monroe Ave NW

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Sept 4 - Sept 6


Experience GrandCon


What is GrandCon?

GrandCon is Michigan’s premier tabletop gaming show held once a year in the city of Grand Rapids. It’s a 3 full day community experience, and a place where several aspects of the hobby gaming industry are represented under one roof. We celebrate - board games, card games, family games, miniature games, and role-playing games. Our goal is to create a Fun-For-All-Ages show that appeals to everyone. A place where people want to play games!

Things to do?

As an attendee you are able to participate in charity events, paint and take events, scheduled game events, seminars, and tournaments. You can shop exhibitors and artists, cosplay (dress up as your favorite character), mingle with industry guests experience mega games and puzzle events, and even volunteer for the show. GrandCon has a games library of over 1800+ titles for you to play all weekend long too.

Who can come?

Everyone is invited to come experience a weekend of exploring tabletop gaming!

Who makes this happen?

Brian Lenz and his wonderful team of volunteers work extremely hard to create this show for all of you!

Communication info?

GrandCon’s website contains extensive information on all aspects of the convention. You are able to stay on top of what hotel block is being reserved, spotlighted industry guests, badge pricing, registering for a badge, event tickets, and so much more. Explore the site and then we will enjoy seeing you at the show!

You can always follow on us Twitter, Facebook and/or sign up for the GrandCon newsletter - Ink & Cardboard. These are but a few ways to stay up to date with what’s happening with GrandCon.

Price of Admission?

Found Here!


If you purchase a badge by July 31st, you will be eligible for our grand giveaway drawing. GrandCon will draw 3 lucky winners in early August. And, may gaming be kind to you!

Giveaway includes: Imagineers Board Game, Little Devils Card Game, Teens in Space RPG Book, Dice and Men Book, and a GrandCon Pin plus Tee!



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