GrandCon Gaming Convention

In 2012 GrandCon Gaming & Comic Arts Convention was created. The first event of it’s kind was held at the Prince Conference Center on the Calvin College campus in 2013. The show proved to more than a successful gathering of gamers and comic book enthusiasts, and GrandCon Gaming and Comics Arts continued to evolve and grow. It became apparent as time past that the attendees were clamoring for a family fun gaming experience more than the comics. So, in late 2016 the show was officially rebranded to GrandCon Gaming Convention.

In 2017, GrandCon was relocated to beautiful downtown Grand Rapids Michigan. It’s now being held at DeVos Place Convention Center around Labor Day weekend. GrandCon focuses on community, and anyone who wishes to venture out to be educated or entertained by the hobby gaming industry. Fun!

GrandCon is an all inclusive show that wants to give back where it can, and why not have fun doing so. It’s an event where you can network, make new friends, and visit with old friends.  Truly, GrandCon is a gateway for discovering a world of creative people.

GrandCon features a variety of tabletop (board, card, miniature, and roleplaying) games, including the publishers and or designers behind them.  You can get involved with charity events, cosplay, seminars, and tournaments. There is an open gaming library of over 1800 games for attendees to check out and play!  You can mingle with industry guests and other gamers that appreciate and share similar gaming interests. Games range from Monopoly to Tokaido, Champions to Dungeon & Dragons or Euchre to Fabled Fruit.  We have a room dedicated unpublished games or prototypes to play. You might even learn how to design, roll up a character, develop a game world or simply get sneak a peek at something cool to come in the future!  

GrandCon strives to deliver the best family friendly diverse tabletop gaming experience for all. So we invite you to come play with us, because it’s a place Where People Play Games!