GrandCon is on the lookout for eager individuals willing to Volunteer their time and or GM (game master) games to help put on the convention.  If you are able and willing to commit some time to the convention as a Volunteer then please send an e-mail to info@grand-con.com with VOLUNTEER in the subject line.  And, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Note:  Volunteering for 10 hours plus will earn you a Free Badge, no purchase necessary, along with the infamous Volunteer "yellow" T-shirt.

Game Masters register / submit your events via the registration system, to see if you qualify for a Free Badge!

Note:  GM's demoing games for 12 hours plus will earn you a Free Badge.  (After submitting at least 12 hours of gaming events which have been entered and approved with the registration team, you will be issued a FREE badge)

If you have any additional questions please contact us at info@grand-con.com, thank you.

Kind Regards,

GrandCon Staff