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Fantasy Flight Games is a leading hobby game company based out of Roseville, Minnesota. We publish a massive array of board and card games, roleplaying games, Living Card Games®, miniatures games and digital games. Established in 1995, FFG has earned a reputation for its innovative gameplay, immersive gaming experiences, industry-leading customer service, and top-quality game components (often enhanced with highly detailed plastic miniatures and beautiful artwork).

Many of its most popular titles are based on beloved licenses such as Star Wars, George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, and J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, as well as our own proprietary licenses such asLegend of the Five Rings, Android, and Runebound. Throughout the course of the company's history, FFG has published games in over thirty languages and distributed games to more than fifty territories.

Greenbrier Games, an independent game company based out of Marlborough, MA, is a small team of tabletop games designers and publishers. The company has expanded from their original goal of game design to game publishing, miniatures design, and taking on games in a variety of tabletop styles that all have one common factor; they’re fun to play.

The Broken Token designs and sells organizers and accessories for table top games. Our organizers are designed to optimize space within a game’s box, and combine base games and expansions into one box. We also offer component upgrades, like metal coins, acrylic tokens, card sleeves, and more. Faster set-up. Faster clean-up. Get your favorite games to the table more often and simplify game night!

Eagle-Gryphon Games
The Games You've Always Dreamed Of...

The mission of Eagle-Gryphon Games — a subsidiary of FRED Distribution, Inc. — is to produce the best quality games on the market in terms of both game play and components, as well as to provide great customer service. Eagle-Gryphon Games was formed in late 2014 when FRED Distribution, Inc. reorganized its two game lines — Eagle Games and Gryphon Games — into a single entity.

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 GamesScience has been making high impact, precision edged polyhedral dice since 1974.  No competitor makes dice that are as clear, brilliant, lustrous and precision edged.  No competitor is willing to match the Gamescience 2 year guarantee against premature wear.  Gamescience pioneered the manufacturing of new dice shapes like the 3, 5, 14, 16, 24 and 100 sided dice. There are two independent dice tests which prove that Gamescience dice are better.  The first test can be found at a Chessex and a Gamescience d20 were rolled 10,000 times to see which die would come closest to rolling 500 ones, 500 twos, etc.   The second test can be found at which compared dice from Chessex, Koplow, Crystal Caste and Gamescience.

We are full featured hobby and gaming center for all of your Miniatures Games, Role Playing Games, Board Games, and Trading Card Games needs.

Pandemonium has been serving the gamers of Metro Detroit well over a decade. We host all kinds of tournaments and events, including Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: the Gathering, YuGiOh!, Warhammer 40k, X-Wing Miniature Game, and much more! We offer tons of open gaming space for whatever games you might be interested in, from pen and paper role playing to card games, board games to miniature war games, with a large selection of available terrain to make your game special.

Section 28 Publishing is an independent publisher from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Section 28 specializes in paranormal fiction and role-playing games. 

Bryan Donihue is the owner and principal author for Section 28 Publishing. Bryan is also an Author Consultant for other indie authors, helping them see their books in print.

Green Couch Games is a publisher of card and board games based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founded by game designer, Jason Kotarski, Green Couch Games seeks to make "great little games that make great big connections."

Calliope Games publishes fun, affordable, family-style tabletop games for all to enjoy.  Calliope Games has been producing and selling quality tabletop games since 2009.  It began as a collaboration between Ray Wehrs, his sister Dawne Weisman and her husband Jordan Weisman, all of whom are experienced game industry professionals, having collectively launched WizKids in 1999. Our products are inspired by family for families.  With gamers in mind, our games make the perfect "gateway" or "filler" game. They allow you to easily draft your non-gamer friends into your favorite hobby. 

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Floodgate Games is a tabletop game company committed to creating inventive titles that offer unique gameplay, strategic depth, and non-stop enjoyment. Founded by Ben Harkins in 2011, Floodgate has been proud to bring you Sagrada, Vault Wars, Epic Resort, King of Clubs, and breakout hit Legacy: Gears of Time


Renegade Game Studios is a premier developer and publisher of original award winning board games, including Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure, Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, Lotus, and Kitty Paw. Our mission is to publish games that are fun, challenging, and unique.  We believe that gaming is for everybody and that everybody is a gamer; you just need to find the right games!

Galactic Toys & Collectibles is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our primary focus is Pokemon, Any TCG, Board Games, Funko Pop Vinyl, Marvel / DC Statues and Action figures, Star Wars action figures and collectibles, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and anything else related to pop culture.

Out of the Box opened in 2009 as a game and puzzle store in Zeeland, Michigan. We now have games, puzzles and unique toys to offer and there is something for all ages. Featuring a large family-friendly game selection, with strategic games from around the world! Come in and browse our selection of over 1100 games and 400 puzzles or learn a new game the hundreds of games in our game library. We look forward to serving West Michigan in the coming years!

Bezier Games publishes award winning family games, party games, and strategy games for all ages. Some of their best-selling titles include Suburbia, Ultimate Werewolf, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf. New for 2017: New York Slice (players slice up mouthwatering pizzas for other players), Werewords (everyone tries to find the Magic Word, while at least one player tries to prevent them from doing so), One Night Ultimate Alien (the fourth game in the One Night series that features technologically-savvy aliens), Whistle Stop (a unique pick-up and deliver train game), and The Palace of Mad King Ludwig (the followup to Castles of Mad King Ludwig that has all players building an epic palace…together).

Helaman's Warriors is founded on the principles of offering quality and affordable products that make sword fighting fun and safe.  We are driven by our customers satisfaction and the opportunity to continually serve their needs.

Ruppits – a handcrafted puppet company created by me, Rebecca Casavant.  The puppets are made in many characters from TV, Movies, Comic and more.  Each puppet is handmade.  I specialize in custom puppet that you can help design. 

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Elderwood Academy was founded by us, Quentin Weir and Dan Reiss. We met playing games together and have since shared our passion for goofiness and craft projects. We launched with Hex Chests, a pet project for D&D and other tabletop games until Quentin’s then-ladyfriend put the story of Hex Chests on Reddit and Imgur. The community response was so sweet and encouraging that we launched a Kickstarter campaign and Elderwood Academy was born. Since then we’ve added a host of new gaming-themed gear including Spellbooks, which are deck boxes and rolling trays disguised as bespoke ancient arcane tomes. If you love nerdy projects as much as we do, you can keep track of us on Twitter (@elderwoodboxes) or Facebook (

World Champ Game Co. is a one-person small press tabletop game operation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They make card games, board games, and RPGs, specializing in high quality/low quantity editions to make each unique project accessible and special. 


"Hey gang! Wanted to let you know that the Open Gaming Store (https://www.opengamingstore) will be reporting for duty at GrandCon! The Open Gaming Store is an online RPG product retailer carrying a vast catalog of gaming products, from instant digital PDF downloads up to and including board and card games, dice, miniatures, and just about every kind of gaming product you can think of. Sales in the Open Gaming Store directly support,, and many other online rules reference websites for various Open Game License RPGs. Take a second to check out some of the awesome products and support Open Gaming at the same time!"

A SCAD graduate in '99, Gunnar is an illustrator working on concept art for gift statues, t-shirt art, character design and art commissions. He has a love of Comics, Animation, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery and Pop Culture. All of which come out in his work. Upcoming projects include a horror/adventure comic story to be self-published. Gunnar lives in West Michigan with his lovely wife Jen.


Indie Board & Cards is a few people with a lot of game ideas. In 2016 we merged with Action Phase Games to create an even stronger company of people with game ideas.  In short, we design board and card games. Based in California. Our games include:  Flash Point: Fire Rescue, The Resistence, HaggisOur first game, Heroes Wanted, Kodama, Aeons End, Delve, and so many more.

We build high quality custom tabletop gaming hardware. From Deck Boxes to Dice Towers, each piece is created on site in our woodshop in Michigan by our devoted team of craftsman.

Kylie's Custom Crafts specializes and small crafts, costumes, and jewelry. This will be our first year at GrandCon and will be featuring a line of themed dice bags. I'll also be available to discuss custom commissions.

We publish custom dice not available from any other company on the planet. We also carry a wide variety of prepainted miniatures, tabletop games and gaming related items.  Check us out on our Facebook page:  Thompson Productions and Twitter:   @JctsThompson

Smirk & Dagger Games has a 14-year long legacy in creating fun, emotionally engaging games which highlight that games are more fun when you can stab a friend in the back. Some of our popular titles have been Hex Hex, Run for your Life Candyman, Cutthroat Caverns, Nevermore, & Dead Last. And this year, we are proud to introduce BIOTIX, a game about growing highly volatile microbes and sabotaging the work of others - and PARAMEDICS: CLEAR! a pulse-pounding, timed game of saving as many lives as you can - and you can't save em all. Come by and play a game with us! In may well be your new favorite game!

Mick McArt is the author of the new book series “Journal of an Outlaw”, a fantasy parody set in the Unremembered Realms. Book 1 has 125 adventures & observations crammed into a 200+ page book, with beautiful cover art by artist Matt McEntire.

Mick is also the illustrator and author of the "Tales of Wordishure" series of children's books. There are three books in the series so far. Books 1 & 2, a Christmas special, plus a music CD that goes with the stories. He created "Beacons of Light", plus  the "Story of Clay" claymation book series, After a few television appearances he created a small Saturday morning art show on a local television station, TCT. He appears at book signings, art shows, comic cons, and also gives lectures at churches, schools, and colleges on independent publishing.  Continued...

Cohio Games is a publisher of card and board games based out of Columbus, Ohio (hence the name). Our founder and lead designer Lucas Weese aims to bring innovative games into the gaming community. We like unique themes and mechanics that offer tons of enjoyment, excitement, and those "WOW" moments. Our first game Battle Blakes:First Bash was published at the beginning of 2017. We have an expansion in the works and have at least 3 additional titles we are looking to complete over the next 12-16 months."

Gaming For A Cure is a Traverse City Michigan based charity organization, started in 2006 in honor of Wesley Greer’s loss to cancer.  As a Group GFAC promotes Cancer awareness and supports cancer research by the money raised at our events.  GFAC has a two day Summer campaign in June and a one day Winter campaign in December. These events gather gamers together to play games of all kinds, have some fun and raise money for a great cause!

Nerd Chapel is so excited for GrandCon 2017! Eric Anderson started this as a nerd friendly, Christian ministry combining fandom, gaming and scripture together for drawing closer to Jesus and building community. Think of it as church by nerds and for nerds. It started as a few You Tube videos then added a blog and a Facebook page. Around 2014 we started adding con ministries with a chapel service at GrandCon. Later on this grew due to a publication of a 42 day devotional for nerds and geeks called "42:Discovering Faith Through Fandom". Nerd Chapel also hosts a monthly game night in Spring Lake at All Shores Wesleyan Church. Find us at 

Traditional Geek is a dash of nerd, a splash of eccentric, and a whole lot of fine art! We use traditional techniques to make contemporary art based on Anime, Manga, Comics, Video Games, Movies, TV, and Books. We use traditional book binding techniques, work with etched glass, needle felting, and pyrography to create our art, among other techniques!


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To heal the world by providing games that strengthen family unity, communication, and love.  Discover TMG at

Amusing Designs was born out of a desire to utilize our skills and creativity to accent our passions for all things geek! Whether you love Sci-Fi or Steampunk, Cthulhu or Cuddly Unicorns we have something for you! We specialize in creating geek themed products ranging from children’s clothing to custom dice bags. 
Game on and let us help you celebrate you in all your geeky glory, no matter what the theme! We can help you level up your gaming experiences with our unique products.

Dragon Booty Workshop is a hand-made gaming accessory business built by a gamer who thinks gaming can be more enjoyable with simple tools to help organize the gaming table. 


We are an independent gaming company and the creators of the tabletop card game, Legends of Draxia, Corrupted Mana expansion, and the Draxia RPG.  Check out our website and the Creators Blog to read the history of Draxia.  Come play the game at GrandCon with the designer, Jimmy Sanders! 

North Star Games is the publisher of award-winning party and strategy games. Wits & Wagers is the most award-winning party game in history, Evolution has received praise from the renowned science journals Science and Nature, and Happy Salmon is quickly becoming a gaming phenomenon.

Alexis Royce is a freelance comic artist from Grand Rapids. For ten years, she's been drawing Evil Plan, a comedy about terrible supervillains. Also currently running is Sire, a horror-comedy about metafiction and weird detective work.

Thunderworks Games is a small board and card game publisher founded in 2013 out of Madison, Wisconsin.

We are dedicated to designing and publishing original and innovative games with amazing artwork and high-quality components. 

We also appreciate each and every customer.  We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and are devoted to providing superior customer service to every gamer we get the opportunity to share this amazing hobby with.

Our first game, Bullfrogs, was published in January 2015 and later licensed to Renegade Games. The second game was Roll Player...

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 I started making chain maille jewelry in 2015, a few years after making a few projects at GenCon 2012. My first pieces were bracelets and then earrings, many of which were donated to charity for parents in need to give as gifts to their older children; something I didn't know there was a need. I have donated again this last year and plan to do so for the foreseeable future.

While bracelets and earrings are my most popular pieces, I also make keychains and dice bags and did a special request for a choker for a woman at Marmalade Dog this spring. Future projects include necklaces, coin purses, more items made of precious metal and eventually armour, like chain shirts and pants. Custom Orders are always welcome.

We Hate Bards is West Michigan's premier pen and paper RPG gaming group and podcast.  Our players and GM's bring unmatched levels of ingenuity, passion, and experience to every table.  New and old players will always find a welcoming group of adventurers. 

Want to catch up before joining any of our games or experience a new system?  Then check out our multitude of podcasts with more launched every week!

Gaming Paper started with a single product with roleplaying gamers in mind — an inexpensive, reusable, and disposable roll of 1″ squares, 30″ wide by 12′ long for a total of 30 sq. ft. of playing space that was (and still is!) a fraction of the cost of other gaming mats.

We’ve since grown into a variety of products that include additional color options, 8-½” x 11″ single sheets, wrapping paper, and our own roleplaying adventures!  We thank you for your support because if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have been able to expand like we have.

[victorymusichere] handpaints and designs a variety of woodworks, from boxes to plaques, to even tables! We take inspiration from our favorite video games, TV shows and movies, to create truly unique items that you can keep amongst all your other treasure! 

The Great Escape Room® is an exciting Sherlock-themed escape adventure that has proven to be a favorite around town. Our rooms are part scavenger hunt and part puzzle-solving. All groups must work together as a team to escape. You have just 60 minutes… will you escape?

quinn.tessential Geek was started in 2016 by local artist, Katie “Quinn” Pershon. Focused on a minimalist style, Quinn’s art breaks down each subject to their essential components while enhancing their unique characteristics. The designs vary as much as Quinn’s taste, from comics to video games, and anime to cartoons, plus anything in-between. 

We have been in the Gaming industry for 20 years. Selling RPG books, Pocket games, and Swords. We attend many Gaming, Sci-Fi, Anime, and Horror Conventions.

Kellianne Stakenas is a freelance fantasy artist that has done work for Rio Grande Games.  Her art is featured in the Dominion Expansion Packs: Guilds, Adventures, and Empires.  

Painted Bat Designs creates full color tokens for table top games. In nearly all of the games we play, you can find an abundance of statuses and various effects that we need to keep track of, however not all of these games offer effective ways to keep track of them. That's why we decided to found our company. Our tokens are produced in dazzling full imagery to help define these effects at a glance. 

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Vault Of Midnight's Prime Directive

To provide our customers with a unique and remarkable shopping experience that confounds the expectations of what is typically associated with a comic shop;

To act as ambassadors for all things geeky and to present our wares as the awesome, fun, and universally accessible pieces of entertainment that they are.


Gaming Nomads specializes in bringing you the best in games and gaming experiences. We do events from small to large. We can provide your event with boardgames of all genres. We can also provide two Artemis bridges.

We don't just provide the games, we also run them for you, if you want. For example, suppose that you want to host a Euchre tournament, but you want to host it, not run it. We'll bring the cards, manage the games, determine the winners, etc. All that you have to do is give out the prizes.

Since 1999, Z-Man Games has published over 100 critically-acclaimed games with a wide variety of themes and game mechanics from casual to complex. We are known throughout the industry for our eclectic catalog of games that encapsulates the best of what games have to offer.  Z-Man Games remains committed to publishing the very best classic games, such as Tales of the Arabian Nights, while also exploring new territory with innovative games like Pandemic Legacy and Merchants & Marauders.

To bring great games to as large an audience as possible, we partner with international publishers to release their games in English. We have collaborated with studios worldwide to publish games with a keen eye for design, attention to visual aesthetics, and top-notch components. It is our goal to continue this award-winning tradition for years to come. Thanks for playing

R&R Games, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of original, high quality games and toys – Fun games, challenging games, big games, little games. We believe that playing games together around the kitchen table is the best way to be ‘social’ – and we make the games that do just that. Our games bring people together to laugh, learn, and love the time they’re spending with friends and family. We take great pride in being known as the company that brings you... "The Games You Want to Play!"

Since 1996 we have been producing award-winning original games and toys created by some of the most talented designers in the world. Our games have been honored with over 40 national awards, extensive editorial coverage and national television exposure -- all evidence of the company’s ongoing commitment to high-quality fun. R&R Games is based in Tampa, Florida.

Javelin Games (which includes Javelin Dice Works) is a one man show. Dave Snyder has been servicing the Kickstarter community for 5 years providing unique limited edition metal dice and low volume quoting for overseas game manufacturing. Priding itself in finding unique solutions for gamers, Javelin Games is very excited to exhibit at the 5th Grand-Con and can't wait to see what's in store for gamers this year!

AH Creative Services designs, builds and sells heirloom quality board gaming tables.  Our tables are built to last with simple yet strong construction designs.

Ah Creative Solutions is owned and operated by Alan Haynes who after coveting gaming tables for several years decided to marry his 15 years of manufacturing experience, his four years of construction/wood working experience, and his love of board games to make a table anyone can afford and everyone can love.

*AH's standard table is a 3ft X 5ft dining room table with a ton of accessory options.  If you think an accessory will benefit our gaming sessions we will try to make it.


We are a small gaming shop located in Newaygo.  We run all Magic:TG formats but specialize in Legacy.  We care an array of games for table-tops, TCG and video games.  We are looking to be your premier gaming center.

DPH Games Inc operates out of upstate New York. Our goal is to produce high quality games that are fun, use unique game mechanics and involve complex strategies in their execution. We strive to create games that make you laugh, think and enjoy each other’s company. There is nothing quite like a group of friends or family members sitting around a table involved in an interactive game. The experience brings people closer together and isn’t that what it is all about!

The Game Crafter is a print on demand board game manufacturer with a community of 150,000 game designers worldwide. Our service allows anyone to turn ideas into real tabletop games. Once created, games can be sold in our online shop which features over 5,300 of the latest indie titles. The Game Crafter also sells 900 different types of board game pieces in our online parts shop. Customers can purchase in any quantity and receive automatic bulk discounts. Make your game today at

We make the games that let you betray your friends.

We're nice like that.  Our first game, Abandon Planet, is in its way to America and will be shipping to Kickstarter backers and pre-orders soon!  You can preorder it here.

The Orange Machine is still churning, and its next game is already in development.

Once upon a time finding great sodas was pure fantasy, but no more. Mud Lake Farm is pleased to present our St Steve’s Cordials and Sodas, made using elderflowers and ginger grown on our farm in West Michigan. Our cordials are flavored syrups  - concentrated flavors ideal for everything from teas to cocktails, salad dressings to desserts.  They are also the base for our sodas, light in calories, but made with real ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors. 

Elderflowers are as light as a fairy on a mid-summers eve. We hand-craft St. Steve’s Elderflower Cordial and Soda with flowers from our own farm. Delicate yet enchanting, they will put some magic in your day. 

Our hand-crafted St. Steve’s Ginger Cordial and Soda have the perfect balance, not too hot, not too sweet, not just good… they are mythically good!

Utter Board Games, an analog studio,  is a Brother Company to Underbite Games, a digital studio.  UBG is dedicated to making creative  games that deliver fun in a box!

Our first game, BattleScars, will be coming to Kickstarter in October 2017 for backers and pre-orders soon.  BattleScars is fast paced, action strategy minis based board game.  Stop by our booth and check it out!

UBG will  always be working on their next box-o-fun for you.  So, stay tuned for more exciting games to come from us in the near future.