Brian Lenz:  head Wizard of GrandCon

My name is Brian Lenz.  I am the Head Wizard for the GrandCon Party.  My passion for gaming started at the early age.  I remember sitting in on games of Euchre and Monopoly with my family as they did their best to teach me how to play.  Albeit the concepts were unclear to me in my early years; the pretty colors, shapes, and the din of dice being rolled were attractive enough.  It was later on in my adolescense that I knew I had an affinity for gaming and it for me. 

I eventually expanded my passion for gaming when I founded West Michigan Tabletop Gamers in 2011.  WMTG has grown to be one of the premiere tabletop gaming groups in all of Michigan.  The group continues to be a shining star for most gamers in the local area including GrandCon itself.  And, WMTG was the catalyst that brought about the creation of  GrandCon.  

GrandCon Gaming Convention is now held annually in September, and it will forever be Michigan's premiere tabletop gaming convention for our community.  See you soon at GrandCon!

Jason Kornoely: Bard Of Assistant Show Management

My name is Jason Kornoely.  I am an assistant show manager for the GrandCon Party.  I have been playing games of all sorts since I was eight-years old. Being the youngest of five children I was eager to be included so I would play whatever hit the table. We loved to play Risk, Fortress America, and  Axis and Allies. We also enjoyed playing Monopoly with custom boards. Marathon games of Trivial Pursuit were often our Saturday night ritual. When my older brother was around, we would roll up D&D characters, lay waste to orc tribes, and liberate treasure from twisting and perilous dungeons. In my adult life, I married a wonderful woman who is patient with my passion for games. We have four children. Two of them are old enough to play games; which we do nearly every Friday night over pizza. We mostly play Dixit, Sushi Go, Machi Koro, and Sleeping Queens.

I love how games bring families together.

I am a teacher at Pine Ridge Elementary in the Forest Hills school district. I have created a board game club at my school; which has been going strong for the past past three years. I also organize family game nights. It is so gratifying to watch kids and their families enjoying quality time together. That is why I am thrilled to be working with the good folks of GrandCon because they believe in the power of games and the magic that they weave among family and friends.

Eric Wisniewski:  Rogue of Community Relations

My name is Eric Wisniewski and I’ve been in love with board gaming since the 90’s, when my parents gave me a copy of HeroQuest for Christmas. Everything about it was interesting: the killer miniatures, the exploration, the odd dice, the spellcasting, all of it.  It opened me up to a world outside of the Hasbro/MB tentpole classics.  In the intervening years, I’ve played a copy of Catan to pieces (literally), walked through GenCon with a garbage bag full of games, and survived a 46-hour gaming marathon.

This year, I’m joining the GrandCon party as a mid-level rogue as we trek deep into the heart of downtown Grand Rapids.   I’ll be here with the rest of our crew helping you make discoveries in the ever-expanding GrandCon game library and raiding the treasure hordes of DeVos Hall.  I look forward to the fellowship with friends old and new that this gathering always brings.

Jeff Henders:  Tavern Keeper of Volunteers

As a child, I played games like Dark World, HeroQuest, and Dragon Strike. As I grew older, RPGs and more complex strategic board games found their way into my collection. As the culture of board gaming expanded, so too did my interest in it. Both mechanically and socially, board games are exceptional. Few other mediums have the ability to bring such a diverse group of people together to pursue a common goal. I began attending conventions like Origins and GenCon in high school and have been attending them ever since. When GrandCon was announced some years ago, I could not have been more excited to have a show so close to home.