Shop artists and vendors, play games, cosplay, and mingle with industry celebrities!

All attendees must have purchased a current badge to attend.

Sign up for an account or login in to your old account at the badge registration site.   Don't forget to sign up for events, seminars, tournaments, and more that you may want to attend.  Once you've obtained a badge, you can register  to run your own events if you so choose.    

Note:  At the registration site you can purchase badges, event tickets for charity events, tournaments, and/or seminars that you wish to attend.  Your badge and event tickets will be available for you at the show for pickup Friday morning.  It's highly recommended to check back at the registration site periodically for new GrandCon events posted, in case you find more to attend.


3-Day Badge ALL WEEKEND (Ages 10+)

  • Early-Bird $35 (ended)
  • Pre-Registration $40 (available)
  • Walk-Ins $45

1-Day Badge FRIDAY (Ages 10+) 

  • Early-Bird $20 (ended)
  • Pre-Registration $25 (current)
  • Walk-Ins $30

1-Day SATURDAY (Ages 10+) 

  • Early-Bird $20 (ended)
  • Pre-Registration $25 (available)
  • Walk-Ins $30

1-Day SUNDAY (Ages 10+ ) 

  • Early-Bird $10 (ended)
  • Pre-Registration $15 (available)
  • Walk-Ins $15

Boy Scout Badge Information

Boy Scouts of America and Family members receive discounted Badges.  A Scout must be in uniform to receive a discounted badge.  A Scout family is welcomed to purchase up to 3 additional family badges as long as their Scout in uniform accompanies them.  Included in the badge pricing:  Boy Scouts will be able to pick up their Game Design Merit badge Kit at the prerequisite class held 8/26/2017.

  • Scout 3-Day Weekend Badge $30
  • Scout 3-Day Family Member Weekend Badge $30 (Max 3)
  • Scout 1-Day Saturday Badge $20
  • Scout 1-Day Family Saturday Badge $20 (Max 3)
  • Cub Scout Badge Free

Badge Info Continued

  • NOTE: Walk-ins a $5 additional service charge is applied at the door.
  • CHILD BADGE (9 and under) FREE  


GM Badges | Time Demoing
Submitting 12 hours or more of events that you would like to run (prototypes not included) could earn you a Free GM Badge.  

*Please Note:  Hold off from purchasing your badge if you do submit 12 hours plus of events to run.   Once your events are approved by the registration team, you will be issued a FREE GM badge.  (Events are approved based upon space, time, and whether or not they are family friendly.)

*Please Note:  As a GM you will collect event tickets from the attendees that you GM'd.  You will need to submit these collected event tickets to the registration staff after your attended events.  If you have any additional questions please send an email to

Tournament Registration:  Tournaments are fun and are always welcome!

If you would like to run a special event or tournament at GrandCon, you must  submit your request to the registration team, click this link registration team.  Once your special event has been accepted, you will receive an approval email.  

GrandCon Games Library is an extended event offering.  It is listed on an hourly basis in the registration system (we apologize if this causes any confusion), but you only need 1 event ticket to get you all day access for the specific day(s) purchased.  Badge access to the GrandCon Games Library  for the entire weekend is available with the purchase any of the "Gamer Badges." 

GrandCon Gaming Convention is always willing to talk sponsorships and gather exhibitor/artist registrations year over year.  Please send an inquiry by using the CONTACT US PAGE and type the year, exhibitor/vendor/artist, and/or sponsor interest in the subject line.  Thank you!