Registration: (OPEN)

Note: All attendees are required to wear their current badge and/or have it visible while attending GrandCon.

HOW TO GET A badge:

Create a new account or login to your old account at our registration page. The registration page allows to buy badges, sign up for ticketed events (seminars, tournaments, charity events, etc most of which are free), and merchandise. Your badge, event tickets, and merchandise will be available for pick up at registration’s WILL-CALL area starting Friday at 8am during show times. It's highly recommended to check back periodically at the GrandCon registration page for newly posted events, just in case you find more you wish to attend.

Badge Pickup:

We can understand that there are a select few that may not be able to pick up there badges and/or tickets prior to close of the registration desk.  In regard to these special cases, you can make arrangements to have your items picked up by a family member or friend with proper authorization.  Please submit a request here contact us:  Select the "Other" option, and type "Badge Pickup Request" in the subject line.

Registration Desk Hours

  • Friday: 8am - 8pm

  • Saturday: 8am - 8pm

  • Sunday: 8am - 3pm

Badge Pricing

Special 3-Day

  • VIG $200 (Limited Quantity - More Info Below)

3-Day (Ages 10+)

  • Online Registration $45

  • At the Door $50

  • VIG $200 (Limited Amount - More Info Below)

1-Day FRIDAY (Ages 10+) 

  • Online Registration $35

  • At the Door $40

1-Day SATURDAY (Ages 10+)

  • Online Registration $35

  • At the Door $40

1-Day SUNDAY (Ages 10+ ) 

  • Online Registration $20

  • At the Door $25

  • Discounted Pricing after 1pm Sunday


  • Kids 9 and under are FREE

  • Kids 9 and under MUST be registered and have a badge


The VIG (very important gamer) is a special 3-Day badge. As a VIG you get to enjoy a wonderful Friday evening dinner with the designer(s) and publisher of a select current tabletop game. You will receive a copy of the select game, a GrandCon tee shirt, a tote bag, and other wonderful gaming goodies. This is an experience that you may not want to miss.

  • Badge: 3-Day

  • Dinner Friday 7pm: SanChez Tapas Bistro

  • Publisher: Maple Games

  • Designers: Chris Leder and Ken Franklin

  • Board Game: Imagineers

  • Additional Goodies: GrandCon Tee, Maple Games Tee, Gaming Tote Bag, plus more!

Scout Badge Information

Scouts of America and up to 3 immediate family members may receive discounted badges.  A Scout family that purchases the 3 additional family badges must have their Scout in uniform accompany them at the time of pickup to retain the discounted badge pricing.

Game Design Merit Badge: Scouts have the opportunity to gather information at the show which they can apply toward earning a Game Design Merit Badge. Scouts should contact their troop leaders for additional information on how to earn this badge.

Game Design Kits: GrandCon has a discounted game design kit a Scout may purchase from our merchandise page located here.

Please reach out to us via our contact page if you have any further questions. Thank you!  

  • Scout 3-Day Weekend Badge $35

  • Scout 3-Day Family Weekend Badge $35 (Max 3)

  • Kids 9 and under are Free

  • Kids MUST be registered and have a badge

Badge Info Continued

  • Early Bird 3-Day badge pricing extended to June 30

  • Child Badge (9 and under) are FREE

  • GrandCon Game Library is an extended offering for all 3 days to any appropriately badged attendee.

Game Masters Submit Your Events

GM Badges | Time Demoing: A GM must submit a minimum of 14 hours AND 3 events to be considered for a free GM badge. Prototypes and unpublished game events do NOT count toward hours earned for a GM badge. Single game events that are 5+ hours are subject to approval when tallying hours earned for a GM badge.

GMs must purchase a badge. Once all of your events go through a FINAL approval by the registration team, you may be issued a free GM badge. If you do indeed qualify, then GrandCon will refund the purchase of your original badge as we get closer to the show dates. Game events are approved based upon space, time of submission, whether or not they show friendly, and are not considered “lengthy events” such as Twilight Imperium or 5+ hours games.

Please Read:  As a GM you will collect event tickets from the attendees that you GM'd.  You will need to submit these collected event tickets along with your GM sheet to the registration staff once your event concludes and as soon as you are able.  If you have any additional questions about being a GM at GrandCon please reach out to

Tournament Registration:  Tournaments must be approved through GrandCon’s registration team, and are always welcome, as long as the space is available. You would want to set these up as early as possible, and not wait until a few weeks prior to the show.

If you would like to run a special event at GrandCon, you must  submit your request to the registration team, click this link registration team. Select “Other” in the dropdown menu, and type “Special Event Request” in the subject line.

Further Submissions

Send all other requests via the contact page, utilizing the appropriate subject tag from the dropdown menu.