Painted Bat Designs creates full color tokens for table top games. In nearly all of the games we play, you can find an abundance of statuses and various effects that we need to keep track of, however not all of these games offer effective ways to keep track of them. That's why we decided to found our company. Our tokens are produced in dazzling full imagery to help define these effects at a glance. With the popularity of laser cut acrylic designs saturating the gaming market, players are left with little definition to their tokens besides shape. We offer high definition full color tokens with eye catching imagery that don't just define the effect of the token, but help set it apart from the other various effects occurring within your game. If our range of tokens isn't to your liking, or maybe you have a vision of your own that you want created, we also offer the ability to customize our existing range of tokens or to provide your own imagery and transform it into a tangible, tactile work of art to be used within your own games.