GrandCon features tabletop gaming in all its forms, including the creators and or authors behind them.  We provide an atmosphere that will allow gamers to mingle and appreciate their shared interests.  These interests could range from Monopoly to Tokaido, Dungeon and Dragons to Champions, or Euchre to Fabled Fruit.  All families and gamers are welcome!

Come to play or chat with fellow enthusiasts from the community, which understand your passion.  Meet the designers and artists behind your favorite titles, crafters who make wares to support your interests or hobby.  You can check out unpublished games, maybe learn how to design a game, and sneak a peek at great things to come in the hobby.

Shop - Game - Mingle with Guests!   We would hope that GrandCon will be a community event that you will attend year after year.  Thank you for your interest and community support!