Come Play with Us!

Game Masters

Event Submission: Opens May 1 - Closes August 5

Game Masters (GMs) are knowledgeable teachers of games. GMs show newcomers how to play classic games to the hotness, unique, and rare experiences. Every GM event adds another way to have fun at GrandCon.

You don’t need a special certification to be a GM at GrandCon. All you need is the willingness to teach a game to others. Teach enough games and your badge, after approval, will be on us and with our gratitude!

Game Master (GM) Basics

● All GMs need to purchase a standard convention badge to begin the event submission process.

● All submitted events go through our registration system for approval. If any event should require more than 4 hours of playing time it will be subject to additional review.

Badge on Us!

● GMs must submit a minimum of 14 hours and 3 approved gaming events to be eligible for a free badge. Approval is based upon space availability, duration and/or time of event(s), and whether the event is show-friendly.

● Prototypes and unpublished games do NOT count toward GM hours earned.

● Once you are fully approved to be a GM we will convert your current badge over to a GM badge. Refunds of your old badge will take place within two weeks of the upcoming show dates.

Please reach out to us from the contact page if you have any additional questions.

Thank you!

GrandCon Staff