Calliope Games publishes fun, affordable, family-style tabletop games for all to enjoy.  Calliope Games has been producing and selling quality tabletop games since 2009.  It began as a collaboration between Ray Wehrs, his sister Dawne Weisman and her husband Jordan Weisman, all of whom are experienced game industry professionals, having collectively launched WizKids in 1999. Our products are inspired by family for families.  With gamers in mind, our games make the perfect "gateway" or "filler" game. They allow you to easily draft your non-gamer friends into your favorite hobby. Calliope games are excellent for starting out game night and are easily played between heavier games. It’s important to point out to our non-gamer friends that we do take a slightly different approach to the games we produce. At Calliope, we focus on entertaining adults; however, the games we produce allow children to compete with their parents without the parents “throwing” the game. It’s a really a pretty simple concept; instead of having the parents step down into the child’s world, we are inviting the child to step up into the parents' world.  For gamers and non-gamers alike, the results of our efforts are games that are accessible by all players regardless of skill level or age, play in under 60 minutes, are affordably priced, and most of all… are a blast to play!