What IS Grandcon?

GrandCon Gaming Convention is the premier hobby gaming show in Michigan. A place where all aspects of the tabletop gaming hobby are represented under one roof:

  • Board Games

  • Card Games

  • Family Games

  • Miniature Games

  • Role-playing Games

Our goal is to create a FUN ALL-AGES event that will appeal to the general public, as well as any gaming enthusiast. 

Things to do while you attend GrandCon:  

  • Charity games with proceeds raised for organizations like: Make-A Wish foundation and Mackenzie's Animal Shelter

  • Tournaments with some of the most popular game systems

  • Newest games and some released at the show, also playable

  • Lots of exhibitors and artists to shop and/or visit

  • Boffer Battle Arena - A fun area for kids to let loose with foam batons and shields

  • Paint & Take - A fantastic solo to family event, paint a miniature, keep it, and take it home - it’s yours!

  • Cosplay - Dress as your favorite character, keep it clean, keep it FUN!

  • Industry Guests - Meet and mingle with them, attend their seminars, and play games with them

  • Seminars - Open industry discussions with industry guests

  • Open Gaming - Visit the games library, Roleplaying Games (RPGs), Scheduled Gaming

  • Volunteers - If you are new, a little lost or on your own, please ask them for help

  • Scavenger Hunt - More details to come

Who can come?

The general public - It’s highly recommended to purchase badges and event tickets in advance


GrandCon Gaming Convention is held for 3 days over Labor Day Weekend. We hope that many of you will, Come Play with Us! for all 3 days.

Show Hours


Open Gaming 10am - 1am

Exhibitors and Artists 10am - 6pm 

Paint & Take Events 10am - 8pm

Role-Playing Gaming 9am - 1am


Open Gaming in Exhibitor 10am - 1am  

Exhibitors and Artists 10am - 6pm

Paint & Take Events 10am - 8pm

Role-Playing Gaming 9am - 1am


Open Gaming 10am - 5pm

Exhibitors and Artists 10am - 4pm 

Paint & Take Events 10am - 4pm

Role-Playing Gaming 9am - 5pm


The show is held at the DeVos Place in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Find out about car parking here


Who runs GrandCon?  It is organized by an individual who is a keen - call it fanatical - gamer, who wants to bring Michigan's best hobby game convention accompanied by his wonderful volunteer staff to our local community. 

Brian Lenz (Founder) organizes the event, along with some amazing volunteers: Clay Case (show assistant), Eric Wisniewski (volunteer coordinator), Tim Latshaw (newsletter and social media), Jessica Fountain (social media plus), and Tim Bierema (community relations). These folks work hard to make some magic happen for you! 

GrandCon Gaming Convention is a very time consuming operation and we spend hundreds of hours preparing it. GrandCon relies on a host of volunteers, all of which he can't thank enough.  All volunteers donate their time and efforts because they want to see the community event succeed.

Who comes to GrandCon Gaming Convention? In 2018 we had over 2400 unique visitors. This includes gamers of all types, but also a large number of families and children. It is an event open to all and NOT restricted to anyone.


How do I find out more and how do I sign up for it?

This website contains extensive information on all aspects of GrandCon Gaming Convention. You can read up on where the convention is, about hotels, travel to it, about badge prices, buying a badge online or at the event (online is more convenient), event tickets, the guests, and all about the companies who attend and what games they publish. There are many fine details about show online. Just get reading, and we will enjoy seeing you at the show.

We recommend you follow on us Twitter and Facebook as well as registering for the newsletter. This will allow you to keep up to date with what’s happening with GrandCon, and catching exciting announcements.

One last note, we highly recommend you can purchase a badge ahead of time, and that can be done here

How Much?

It's all on this page and more!